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There are two parts to this site. There is the Psy and there is the Body. Many people will tell you that the psychic and the physical are two separate things. At times they can be. Most of the time since we live on this plane, in these bodies, then the psychic lives here too.

I don't want you to think that this is going to be yet another of those Metaphysical La La (cue the angelic singing) sites.

Will there be Metaphysical goodies? Yes.

Will there be health information and healing ideas? Yes.

Will there be never ending affirmations and admonishments to always be positive? No.

No one can be expected to always be positive and I sure won't be telling you to. Will there be angelic singing? No, but you can hear that anytime you want. Just imagine it. Just ask for it. That's what this site will be. Seek it.

My Love works at a place that for a short while required all their employees to wear a shirt that spelled out in large letters, "Just ask." (Not the best idea ever when you think of all the wannabe witty comebacks to that statement!)

Now, they were talking about sales or some such thing.

I am talking about life. "Just seek" will be more the shirt we shall wear. Will you always get the answer you want? Heck no! But you will always get an answer. If it's not the one you want, deal with it and seek another.

Life is about living. Life is about finding your own answers. If the psychic realm, the metaphysical, angelic, spiritual realm can help you find those answers, then that is what this site is about. If keeping your body fit and healthy and knowing how to stay that way can help you find those answers, then that is what this site is about. Find your way to the answers you seek. The answers are there and I hope this site will help in your search.

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